How to Solve Your Limited Space Problems


Getting a large business space in a busy downtown street may be like looking for a high-class apartment in the slum areas. Most spaces must have been rented out, and if you are lucky to find one, it might be too small for you.

The same is true to businesses who want to expand but does not like the idea of moving out and finding a new location. It is understandable because some of their present customers may not follow them to their new location. Although they may gain new clients, it may take some time to replace their old loyal customers.

Space may really be one limiting factors why businesses do not grow as owners should want. Some businessmen may just be contented with the present conditions although they have the potential of making it even bigger if there is available space to expand.

There are some practical solutions that can be done to solve this problem if you do not like to move out to another location. Encroaching on the sidewalk or the street in front of your store is definitely not one of them. You may find these solutions applicable to your place of business.


storage racksThe discomfort of having limited space is caused by the limited movement you can do. With all your merchandise or office supplies and devices organized on racks that are attached to each side of your space, then you can create more space at the center for you and your customers to move. If you have a storage room, you can stock more inventories with a systematic placement of racks.

With a racking system in your office or business place, you will have a more organized storage for your stocks creating a wider and more spacious environment.


The difference between racks and shelves is that racks are wider and taller and may reach the ceiling. They are made of sturdier materials like welded steel. Shelves are a free-standing, shorter and shallower version of racks. For apparent reasons, shelves are used for lighter supplies while racks are used for larger boxes of stocks.

Because shelves are lighter and free-standing, they can be moved. Rearranging shelves from time to time will give a new look of your office or store. You can move them for easier accessibility on things that you need. Shelves are great for organized storage of items that are used on a daily basis.

Mezzanine Flooring

shelfIf you have a high ceiling, then having a mezzanine floor will be very advantageous. The advantage of constructing mezzanine floors over fabricated racks from your floor to your ceiling is the convenience of storing stocks and retrieving them. Without a mezzanine flooring, the higher levels of racks near the ceiling may be empty because of the difficulty of reach. You can maximize the use of all levels of the rack with mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine floors may not only be used for storage purposes. They can be used to create space for new tables for employees or customers. Many small cafes and bars have mezzanine floors which are used to accommodate customers during peak hours, or it may be used for other purposes by management.